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The Byzantine Empire existed from 324 AD until  the fall of Constantinople on May 19th, 1453 AD. 
At its height it rivaled the size and power of the ancient Roman Empire.

 For over a thousand years it preserved ancient Roman and Hellenistic traditions, and
 gave rise to the Byzantine successor states of The Empire of Nicaea (1204-1261 AD)
the Despotate of Epirus (1205-1479 AD) and the Empire of Trebizond (1204-1461 AD).

File:Byzantine eagle.JPG

File:Basilios II.jpg

Basil II

Hagia Sofia:

Diverse kart:

File:Tetrarchy map3.jpg

File:Roman Empire 460 AD.png


File:Roman Empire 600 AD.PNG


Byzants 650; året imperiumet tapte alle sine sørlige provinser for uten eksarkatet i Afrika


Byzants under Leo III, 717. Stripet land viser land raided av arabere


Byzants 867


File:Map Byzantine Empire 1025-en.svg

Byzants under Basil II

Byzantium og Sultanatet av Rûm før det første korstoget

File:Anatolian Seljuk Sultanate.JPG


File:The Byzantine Empire, c.1180.svg



File:1263 Mediterranean Sea.svg

File:1328 Mediterranean Sea.PNG


File:Byzance en 1367.jpg

File:Eastern Mediterranean 1450 .svg

File:Ottoman empire.svg

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