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IE: Indo-European 2

Tidlige indoeuropeiske kulturer

Yanma kulturen

Katakombe kulturen

Timber Grave Kulturen

Baden kulturen

Globular Amphora Culture

Corded Ware kulturen

Vučedol kulturen

Bell-Beaker kulturen

Afanasevo kulturen

Tidlige indoeuropeiske kulturer:

The development of primitive man in Ukraine. The first farmers and herders in Ukraine

Yanma kulturen – Pit Grave Culture or Ochre Grave Culture – (3600–2300 f.vt.)

Yamna culture




Katakombe kulturen (2800–2200 f.vt.):

Catacomb culture

File:Catacomb culture06.jpg

File:Catacomb culture05.jpg

File:Catacomb culture04.jpg

Timber Grave Kulturen (1800-1200 f.vt.):

Srubna culture

File:Srubna hut.jpg

File:Srubna culture05.jpg

File:Srubna culture04.jpg

File:Srubna culture01.jpg

Baden kulturen (3600-2800 f.vt.):

Baden culture

Globular Amphora Culture (3400–2800 f.vt.)

Globular Amphora culture


Corded Ware kulturen (2900–2450/2350 f.vt.):

Corded Ware culture

Full-size image (23 K)

Vučedol (3000-2200 f.vt.)

Vučedol culture

Bell-Beaker kulturen – Beaker kulturen (2800–1800 f.vt.)

Beaker culture

File:Beaker culture.png


File:Campaniforme Ciempozuelos (M.A.N. Inv.32252) 01.jpg

Afanasevo kulturen:

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