Cradle of Civilization

A Blog about the Birth of Our Civilisation and Development



File:Greek Cyprus regions map.png



2000 BCE  Knossos is founded by the Minoans in Crete.

Golden Votive Ax (ca. 1650–1600 B.C.) from the Arkalochori cave (1934), Herakleion Archaeological Museum


File:Map of fertile cresent.svg

Den fruktbare halvmåne 2000-tallet f.vt.

Mediterranean History

Middelhavsregionen i 220 f.vt.

File:The Roman Empire ca 400 AD.png

Romerske imperium 400-tallet

File:Map of expansion of Caliphate.svg

Kalifatet – Middelshavsregionen 622-750

Brun: Ekspansjon under Muhammad, 622-632
Beige: Ekspansjon under Patriarchal Caliphate, 632-661
Gul: Ekspansjon under Umayyad Caliphate, 661-750

File:Republik Venedig Handelswege01.png


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