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Verdens første alfabet:

Proto Semitic language development in the Circum-Arabian Nomadic Pastoral Complex of cultures stretching from Southern Palestine down the Red Sea shoreline, and northeastward into Syria and Iraq in the period of the 6,200 BC climatic crisis. This complex may have developed from the fusion of Harifian and Pre-Pottery Neolithic B cultures in Southern Palestine.

As Harifian used the Outacha retouch point technique found earlier in the Fayyum, it has been suggested that Proto-Semitic may have come from Egypt across the Sinai. Given the fact that Semitic is most closely related to the Ancient Egyptian language of all the Afro-Asiatic languages, this origin is also distinctly possible. However, regarding resemblances among language subgroups, recent research into the lexicon would seem to suggest a closer relationship between Chadic and ancient Egyptian.

More recent study using techniques in bayesian phylogenetic analysis, identifies a place of origin in the Levant, giving rise to the most basal of Semitic languages in Akkadian.










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