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De fire årstider

Posted by Fredsvenn on January 2, 2017

Du har Janus/Saturn (Capricorn) og Juno (Cancer), men også Mars (Aries) og Venus (Libra) – Og i gamle dager begynte året med Mars, men gikk deretter over til å bli med Janus – dette utgjør vinter- og sommersolverv kontra vår- og høstjevndøgn – med andre ord de fire årstider. De fire kardinal tegnene er med andre ord Væren, Krepsen, Vekten og Steinbukken.

Image result for astrological signs in the stars

Because dimensions are based on a range of frequencies, eventually this will be true. When the Earth’s frequency increases to the level where it will not support a 3D or 4D reality, everyone living on the planet will have to maintain a fifth dimensional vibration. 4D arrived in 2012, and will most likely be perceivable to everyone by mid-2014. --Sandra Walker:

Astrological signs:

Astrology: Planetary Keywords, Elements, Qualities, Triplicities, Natal Aspects, Sign Rulers Chart | #astrology:

Astrological Planets Meaning and Symbol Explained:

Astrology Houses:


Astrological Chart - blank:

Horoscope Signs and Meanings | zodiac signs element quality polarity labeled wheel:

Everything you need to know about astrology - zodiac signs, planets, houses - in a single astrology map!:

astrology zodiac chart -:




Egyptian Astrology | Find your #astrological #sign and discover your personal #zodiac star sign here

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