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Where did the Ancient Semites come from?

Posted by Fredsvenn on May 25, 2016

The original homeland of all ancient Semitic peoples, including Hebrews, was not northern Arabia, as is currently believed, but northwestern Mesopotamia.

Around 6,000- 4,000 years B.C., an ecological catastrophe in the Black Sea area forced the Indo-European tribes to migrate outward in all directions. On their way to the south and the south-east, the Indo-Arians displaced and partially mingled with the Hurrians of Eastern Anatolia.

In turn, arianized Hurrians first displaced the Eastern Semites (Akkadians) from the upper courses of Tigris, and then, at the end of the 3rd millennium BC., occupied the land of Western Semites (Amorites) in the upper courses of Euphrates. The referencing by the Bible of Harran as the original birthplace of Abraham is the indirect evidence of these ethnic changes.

The last wave of Western Semites (Arameans) in 12-11 centuries B.C. was also caused by the movements of Hurrians and Indo-Europeans in northwestern Mesopotamia.

Where did the Ancient Semites come from?

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