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The omphalo, the web of life, the pine cone and the Tree of Life

Posted by Fredsvenn on May 14, 2016

Pine Cones

Bishop’s crosier / Egyptian Staff

The Omphalos and Baetyl Stone

omphalos stone

The omphalos stone is covered in a design normally called a net (web pf life). More likely it it a stylized pine cone of which other stones resemble. The pine cone represents the fruit from the Tree of Life.

You can see representations of this pine shaped gland, in the form of a pine cone, across Europe and Egypt. The Vatican built the court of the pine cone, which is adorned with a large stone pine cone in front of it's entrance. It is also found on the staff of the Pope, and the Egyptian god Osiris.:

The Staff of Osiris, Kundalini / Uraeus, (Twin Cobras) reaching the top of the staff (Spine), activating the Pineal Gland, symbolized by the (Pine Cone), opening of the Third Eye…Ancient Egypt, Ancient India… Staff of Osiris: activating the Ka The pineal gland and associations with the third eye – the Egyptian staff of Osiris (c. 1224 BC, the Egyptian Museum in Turin) not… only depicts antithetical cobras but has them rising up to meet at a pinecone.

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