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New Pre-Pottery Neolithic sites and cult centres in the Urfa Region

Posted by Fredsvenn on May 11, 2016

The present study assesses the sites and the corresponding artefacts that were recently discovered during cultural inventory studies in the Urfa region in south-eastern Turkey. The studies were conducted at PPN sites located at Herzo Tepe, Basaran Höyük and Kocanizam, Taslı Tepe and ̇Inanlı Tepe within the borders of Viransehir and Siverek boroughs; the already known site at Sefer Tepe is also re-examined. The sites extend in a north-south direction and were founded within a 3–5km distance, and they exhibit unique characteristics for this region. Recently discovered sites are compared to already known PPN sites in the region to reveal similar features and characteristics. In particular, the article elaborates similarities and discrepancies between sites with T-shaped pillars and sites with circular structures. The recently discovered sites demonstrate that the pillar tradition is predominant in the region and that the settlements have a distinct layout.

New Pre-Pottery Neolithic sites and cult centres in the Urfa Region

Göbekli Tepe

Nevalı Çori


History of Turkey

List of megalithic sites

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