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Russia and Syria

Posted by Fredsvenn on October 2, 2015

It would be best to handle the proxy war going on war Syria with peaceful means, and that is what we have been working for. It would not be that hard. ISIL is dependent on income sources and selling of the oil existing on the terretories that they control.

ISIL is a pack of wolfes which has started to cooperate under the name of ISIL because of different reasons. What is needed to be done is to make peace between the Shias and the Sunnies and to make stability in the region. Without money or new recruites the ISIL would soon fall a part.

To make this possible the US and its allies (Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel) would have to stop buying oil from ISIL and stop funding the different groups fighting, let it be moderate opposition, opposition or terrorists – in the end it looks like there are no real differences between these groups.

It seems that Assad is the only one who by now can make peace in Syria, and by being pressured by countries like Russia and China he agreed that he would make it possible for him to leave – but that it would take a period until he would be able to because he would need to put up a system which would make sure that the country would not collapse.

All the different groups fighting or supporting groups in Syria, like the US, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russia etc, would have to meet and find a sollution together. The thing is that the US, who dreamed about getting rid of Assad and take controll over the region, would not let that happen.

Remember they have allready made plans for Syria long time before the ongoing crisis and that they made the ongoing crisis happen. They have supported different groups in Syria all the time. It is also interesting to see ISIL as a continuation of the 2003 war against Iraq, and the way the US handled the situation. In fact there would be no ISIL if it had not been for the US in the first place.

There has been a coalition against ISIl for over a year, but the ISIL has only gotten bigger and stronger. One of the reason for this is that there has not been any war against ISIL, which in a way have functioned as a fog of war. they have been thrieving on the lawless situation made by the US and its allies. Another reason is that the US all the time have stuffed the region with new weapons.

And the US has not been alone – Turkey have gone to war against the Kurds, which have been fighting bravely against both ISIL and Turkey. The Saudis has all the time got more aggressive and suported their groups fighting in Syria, a country which by now has become the training spot for all terrorists all around the world with the Syrians suporting Assad.

The result of all this is that we have seen horrible things happening in Syria, which before was a relative stable and developed country. In fact Syria and Iran cooperated to prevent the US to take hold on the region, and that is what started everything in the first place. Now, after Russia have started to be involved, Iraq too have joined this camp. And it looks like the US will be pushed out of the region, at least out from Syria.

The Syrian Army have fought bravely against all odds against groups supported by a bunch of nations and against ISIL. This fight can’t go on anymore and it looks like the US and its allies would have continued to be in war in Syria until Assad would have lost if nothing would happen. And who would then be in power in Syria? Foreign terrorists? Or would it be anyone in power at all – Syria might just have developed into being a failed state, another Libya.

Russia is not fighting Syrians in Syria but foreign terrorists supporrted by the US and its allies. Russia is fact fighting the US and its allies in Syria. And what about Yemen being attacked by a coalition made by the illigetimate rulers of the Arabian Peninsula, the Saudis. And what about the Kurds being attacked by Turkey.

Without the ongoing Russian, Iranian and Chinese involvement the situation could just have been developed as it allready has – and for all too long. The US have to get the hell out of the region and its allies have to come to terms with the situation and care about the bad situation in their own countries, where the political leaders are killing people working for peace and democracy, instead of being in war in Syria. That the Saudis should be the leaders of any human rights council is nothing else than a bad joke.

The reasons why Russia do this is simple. The US look at Caucasus as the soft belly of Russia. Russia have a military base in Syria. Destruction of Syria would benefit the US, with or without terrorists comming to power. Russia have big problems with the terrorists in Chechenia and other places. That is why they fear terrorists comming to power in Syria.

The next base for the Russians would be in Armenia. A loss of Syria would have made Armenia as the next target. An attack on Armenia would definitely have started WWIII. Not only because Russia is going to be nice and friendly and help it neighbours but because Russia is a target in it self. The WWIII have allready started, and it won’t end before the US and its allies will end their imperial politics about getting the controll over the world.

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