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In the age of transformation

Posted by Fredsvenn on August 8, 2015

Today, in the age of transformation, we have to think away both Capitalism and the state, people all over the world have to rise together and it has to happen soon – people all around the world is ignorant and doesn’t understand much – but that doesn’t solve the problem – cause there are one problem to be solved and if we don’t solve that problem our civilization will be devastated.

The problem is that we have become alienated and have created a human world which is not adjusted to the world around us – this have to be solved – we need peace between people and peace with nature – we need to be united to stop destroying the world and to stop groups like ISIL – that is what makes the battle against ISIL a world war.

Kurdistan or not – that is not the question – what happens to the Kurds, and other people today is the essentiel. Russia will do mostly anything to not start a world war it will loose – this means that the Kurds are standing alone – or together with people fighting for a better system all over the world – and that is really the case – everybody who have a hearth and a mind support the Kurds.

I think Pope Francis, maybe the first ever Christian Pope in the world history, is a good man and that he is fighting for all of us – together with us – the time have come to see who is strongest – the light or the dark forces – and I am not in doubt which side I am on – long live the Kurds!

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