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The Kurdish Question

Posted by Fredsvenn on July 9, 2015

Under the Spainish revolution Franco was a Fascist supported by the Nazis and Mussolinis, not to mention the US and England, while the revolutionaries was divived by two: one part supported by Soviet, another part supported by different intellectuals around the world. When it comes to the Kurds, or at least to PKK, PYD, YPG, YPJ etc it is the last group, the one supported by leftwing intellectuals, who is in comparison.

None of the states want to support an Anarchist movement, which is the best movement because it has all the best intentions and values. Turkey, the Saudis, Israel, the US and the rest of the West have caused the rise of ISIL and see it as a way to gain power in the region. They have no real interests of helping the Kurds fighting ISIL. It will be up to the NATO country Turkey to finish the Kurds of later, and in that way prevent their freedom.

The wise thing in this situation is to stay independent, and that is what Abdullah Öcalan, who understand all this, want us to do. Yes, to help, but not for whatever prize. The Anarchists in Spain are the ones who gain our trust and support today, even if they lost. The Kurds fighting for liberation and justice today represents our hope in the future.


The Kurdish Question

When it comes to the Kurds we have to look at the bigger geopolitical picture. The Kurds are plenty, but have no land for their own. We have to think about who wants to support whom in the global picture. Some of the nations are stronger than others and some are of more interest than others when it comes to forming international alliances.

The Kurds are suppressed, no doubt, but the same you can say about the Palestinians and Assyrians, if there still are any left. The Armenians were victims of a genocide, but have carved out a piece of land for themself.

The Kurds are split between different fractions and territories; some are in Iran, some in Iraq, Syria and Turkey. You basicially get the Kurds in Iraq, which cooperate with the West and Israel, on one side and the Kurds in Syria and Turkey, which by the West have been declared as terrorists, on the other. This not at least because Turkey is a NATO country, but also because the Kurds in Iraq is put in power by the West.

Israel and Turkey have a close relationship, but they also compete, since Turkey is a Muslim nation and want to support the Muslims. Israel, occupying Palestine, have a different persepective, and see the Muslims as a threat.

The Kurds can cooperate with Israel, but Israel like any other state, will only cooperate with the Kurds if it gain on it. Israel can do this because the Kurds is an enemy of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey, which suppress them.

Israel suppress the Palestinians, and then of course, especially the people of Gaza, as they occupy Palestinian terretories. The Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) led by Selahattin Demirtas have denounced Israel attacks on Gaza and blamed world community for remaining silent in face of the assaults.

When it comes to Iran, the country is independent and have it’s own issues or interests. Iran cooperate with the Palestinians, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. Iran want to develop independent from the West. But Iran also suppress the Kurds.

Armenia cooperate with all the different nations, but struggles with Turkey on the one hand and Azarbaijan on the other. Armenia is both cooperating with the Kurds in Turkey and Syria and with the Palestinians. It would maybe be naturally for Israel and Armenia to cooperate, but it seems like Israel are more fond of cooperating with Turkey than with Armenia.

The Palestinans, suppressed as they are by Israel, are cooperating, if with any, with Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran, an area also known as the Shia Crescent. Other Arab countries like most of the countries of the Arabic Peninsula, including Saudi Arabia, cooperate closely with the West and Israel and have never cared very much about the Palestinian issue at all.

When it comes to Syria, the proxy war has been orchestred from the US since the beginning and the plan has been to remove the Assad regime. It has been created a Shia Crescent that is mostly led by an independent Iran and Sunni countries led by Saudi Arabia that is part of the Western influnce in the region.

ISIL, who have been supported by countries like Turkey, which see ISIL as better than the Kurds, and Saudi Arabia have also go support from Israel and the US in their attempt to gain the controll over the region.

The Kurds and other people who is in fight against ISIL today is in the reality confronting much worse and stronger forces. If they win against ISIL they will be confronted with Turkey, who does not, in any way, want to see a strong independent Kurdish state as their neighbour.

Turkey will most truely get the support of the West since the country, together with Saudi Arabia and Israel, is a very important alley. Israel doesn’t want to see any other strong states in the region, but use the Kurdish issue when it finds it fruitful for it self.

The real Kurdish issue would be to continue to be independent as in Syria and Turkey, cooperate with other countries if they have mutual interests and find out how to solve the national state issue.

Kurds might be better of cooperating with its neighbours instead of being in conflict with them, but at the same time stop any suppression of them. The question arises if the national state is such a good idea or if the time have come to move beyond that kind of old types of structures and create something new.

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