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The day of Trndez – the regeneration, process of renewal, restoration, and growth, of life

Posted by Fredsvenn on February 14, 2015

This holiday is celebrated every year on February 14. This festival is analogous to the day of lovers as its main participants are lovers and newlyweds. It is somehow like Russian Maslennitsa and St. Valentine’s Day, as it main participants are young couples.

The origins of Trndez can be found in ancient ritual of fire pagan-ignicolists. In the beginning the holiday was called Derendez, which means “hay sheaf in front of your house” – that is wish of prosperity to the home and fertility to the land – in Armenian.

After adoption of Christianity some changes were made in the name of the holiday and it became Terendez (“ter” – lord). Since that time main participants of the holiday are the young – just married or young couples who plan to marry during current year.

The main symbol of the action is a fire over which people are jumping. It is necessary to hold hands while jumping for the union to be strong. While boys and girls are jumping, elders strew them with seeds of wheat and hemp.

It is believed that flame of fire have special energy of renewal and a new life during the ceremony, and when people are jumping over bonfire the fire purify them. It is believed that during the ritual the flame acquires special energy of renovation, new life.

First who must jump are youth, after them – adults and childless women who want to have children. After it all the participants are dancing around fructiferous fire, joining hands. Ash of burnt holiday fire than is spilled in the fields to help the new harvest.

Ancient Armenian Holidays

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