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Industrial capitalism is incompatible with life

Posted by Fredsvenn on January 2, 2015


Capital has no subjectivity, and doesn’t recognize it in others. But it is animate, through and embodied in its representatives. It imbues them with its own sociopathy. Surplus value is generated only in industrial production, when labor power is exploited in the process of converting raw materials (otherwise known as the living world) into commodities.

We don’t actually have power as consumers – they would like us to think we do, but we can’t buy, or not buy, our way out of it. It is a social system, a class system, and can only be addressed at the level of collective, organized class struggle. We need to understand capital, how it works, the mechanisms that keep it in place, and the core of its functioning.

The Deadly Reign of the Animate Object: Capitalism and Sociopathy

Indicators of Ecological Collapse

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