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Turkish minister calls Ani “Armenian” for first time

Posted by Fredsvenn on December 17, 2014

Minister of Culture and Tourism of Turkey, Omer Celik, has become the first senior Turkish official to pronounce the word “Armenian” in connection with the historical Armenian City of Ani.

Celik informed that they are making efforts to include Ani, the “City of 1001 Churches,” in the UNESCO World Heritage List by the year 2016, reported Haberler website of Turkey.

Historically known as the city with “one thousand and one churches” or “forty doors,” Ani was registered in the candidate list in 2012. The minister is reported as saying that he is committed to the preservation and protection of cultural and human heritage monuments.

Turkish authorities are now reportedly seeking to declare it as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Active excavations, redevelopment, and renovation activities in the historical city continue under the Ministry’s oversight.

“We have always felt proud with the amazing, big and historical heritage of Ani. We want to do what is appropriate to us: to endow that heritage to mankind and preserve it for future generations. Turkey is now making steps towards becoming a leading country. So we do not want to have gaps in that race,” Celik said.

He noted that the Armenian people are among the several nations that have left a world heritage in these lands, and has described the measure as an attempt to take the ancient site under protection.

“The historical City of Ani is an important heritage that conveys the Armenian traces to us. The continuation of the traces of the Armenian culture in these lands is a proof of our cultural wealth.

“Professionals from Armenia will participate in the renovation of the Church of the Savior and the Cathedral of Mren [in Ani],” the Turkish Minister of Culture and Tourism stated.

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