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Posted by Fredsvenn on December 1, 2014


In fact, the attempted genocide of the Armenians by the Turks during the First World War was very well documented, at the time and ever since.

Henry Morgenthau, the American ambassador to the Ottoman Empire during the massacres, wrote at length in his memoirs about this attempt to wipe an entire population off the face of the earth.

The word genocide had not yet been coined, but that is clearly what happened in Armenia between 1915 and 1918; in fact, Raphael Lemkin, the Polish Jewish activist who coined the term, had the Armenian example in mind.

A week before Germany’s invasion of Poland, Hitler reportedly urged his generals to slaughter civilians—Slavs and Jews, the two most hated groups in Nazi ideology—without mercy.

In 1939 Adolf Hitler, on his way toward the “final solution” for the Slavs and Jews, made this statement of his plans in Poland:

«I have placed my death-head formations in readiness – for the present only in the East – with orders to them to send to death mercilessly and without compassion , men, women, and children of Polish derivation and language. Only thus shall we gain the living space (lebensraum) which we need. Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?»

History does tend to repeat itself when we don’t learn it’s lessons, and sometimes someone like Hitler comes along who counts on us being “mere biological plasticine.”

Do you know the difference between a Holocaust and a holocaust? The Armenians do

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