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The early cowboys

Posted by Fredsvenn on November 8, 2014

Graphic: Expansion of crop cultivation and dairy farming during the Neolithic period

Archaeology: The milk revolution

Neolithic Immigration: How Middle Eastern Milk Drinkers Conquered Europe

New research has revealed that agriculture came to Europe amid a wave of immigration from the Middle East during the Neolithic period. The newcomers won out over the locals because of their sophisticated culture, mastery of agriculture — and their miracle food, milk.

The kurgan culture has it’s start in the Armenian highland, where the cow/bull was tamed, and is connected with the haplogroups J2 and R1b. Haplogroup G is connected with early agriculture and haplogroup J1 is connected with nomadic pastoralism and the Semitic languages.

From the Armenian highland haplogroup R1b expanded over Caucasus and mixed with haplogroup R1a north of Caucasus. While the haplogroup mostly spread to the west, but with the tocharian also to the east, the haplogroup R1a is connected with the Indo-Aryans. The Indo-Europeans are connected with the horse, but also with the cow/bull. In one way they were early cowboys 😉

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