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Importance of the Armenian Toponyms’ Ontological Integrity in the System of Nnational Security

Posted by Fredsvenn on October 26, 2014

Armenian toponyms of the Armenian Highland constitute an essential part of Armenia’s historical resources. They symbolize the indigenous Armenian Nation’s cultural creation – the backbone of the Armenian statehood having more than five millennia old ethno-spiritual and civilizational roots testified by archaeological monuments and architectural relics, petroglyphs and cuneiform inscriptions et al.

Investigation of the ancient and medieval history of Armenia brought D. M. Lang to the following conclusion in his book Armenia: Cradle of Civilization: “The ancient land of Armenia is situated in the high mountains… Although Mesopotamia with its ancient civilizations of Sumeria and Babylon, is usually considered together with Egypt as the main source of civilized life in the modern sense, Armenia too has a claim to rank as one of the cradles of human culture.

To begin with, Noah’s Ark is stated in the Book of Genesis to have landed on the summit of Mount Ararat, in the very centre of Armenia…. Armenia has a claim on our attention as one of the principal homes of ancient metallurgy, beginning at least five thousand years ago. Later on, Armenia became the first extensive kingdom to adopt Christianity as a state religion pioneering a style of Church architecture which anticipates our own Western Gothic.”

Importance of the Armenian Toponyms’ Ontological Integrity in the System of National Security

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