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To Our Countries – Let there be peace!

Posted by Fredsvenn on October 13, 2014

I have a right to peace of mind

To Our Countries is a project produced by a group of youths who live in Sweden and are originally from Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine. It is a beautiful piece of art done by two Syrian ladies in the hope of living in peace one day in the Middle East. This video describes the pain and war in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine.

Syria (3 years of war)…A war that never knew its beginning… a war dreaming of an end”

Iraq (10 years of war)… A liberation that divided what’s already divided and broke what’s already broken”

Lebanon (40 years of war)…40 years that made little Lebanon very big in its scars and daily struggles”

Palestine (60 years of war)…More than 60 years of violations and howls of generations witnessing the illogicality of yesterday”

The video ends with the hope that one day we will see our countries living in peace and love

“To our countries, the countries of wars and pain. The countries of love and dreams. Our countries…”

An excerpt about Baghdad:

In Iraq there has been a liberation for more than 10 years.  A liberation from injustice, oppression and tyranny that came with a greater tyranny, injustice and oppression, where the people of the country were all expelled.

A liberation that divided what was already divided and what broke what’s already broken. A liberation where civilizations cease to exist. A liberation which all Iraqi citizens were marginalized regardless of their ethnic or religious background.

A liberation that enslaved people and demolished homes. One that killed the human and the motherland.”

The production

Faia says: “We saw news in different tv-channels, devastating and horrifying. We wanted to do something. Rihan told me what’s happening in the region. She is the journalist. And I started to sing, for every country she mentioned, I came up with a new song.

Rihan: “We try to unite the countries, the ethnicities and religions, not to divide them. We have translated the video into English. We want everybody in the world to understand how we feel and think.

I am happy to be living in Södertälje, Sweden. Assyrian/Chaldean/Syriac people from all over the Middle East are here, we are represented here and therefore we have a knowledge that very few others posses.”

Others in this project were: Rana Tourani, George Hayrabedian, Fouad Yaghmour Nadine Jazzar and Samer Wastin.

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