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Protect net neutrality

Posted by Fredsvenn on September 6, 2014

One of the reasons that an equal Internet threatens the Plutocrats is that it prevents them from lying to and manipulating the public. The growing democratized citizen’s media and direct communication through social media allow us to share information directly outside of the control of the corporate-militarist propaganda machine.

The citizen’s media has been instrumental in exposing the lies about the Israeli attack on Gaza. As Dylan Byers writes, the citizen’s media allows people to share stories directly and

Corporate media representatives on the ground also respond quickly on social media sometimes getting themselves into controversy. If the network reacts and removes the journalist it creates an immediate reaction that spreads rapidly through the social media and undermines the credibility of the media outlet.”

The world continues to send the message to Israel to stop the attack and to the US to stop supporting it. The Internet is a fundamental tool in the struggle for justice. There are ongoing efforts to control the Internet and restrict access.

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