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Palestine before 1948

Posted by Fredsvenn on July 29, 2014

Palestinian refugees leaving the Galilee in October–November 1948

Haifa - حيفا : Haifa Palestinians are pushed into the sea to make way for persecuted European Jews to have a home soon after Haifa's occupation, April 1948

Jaffa - يافا : The Exodus Of Jaffa's Residents Via Boats, May-1948. <a href=/Acre/Acre/Picture13753.html>Click here</a> to see another unique picture for the people of Acre (Akka) as they were being pushed into the see. Ironically, Israelis claim that Palestinians are trying to commit this crime! Click on image to see a larger picture.

Palestinian exodus may relate to one of the following events:

1948 Palestinian exodus

1948 Palestinian exodus from Lydda and Ramle

1967 Palestinian exodus

1949–56 Palestinian exodus

Palestinian exodus from Kuwait (Gulf War)

Causes of the 1948 Palestinian exodus

The First World War in Gaza and the Battle for Palestine

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