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Ruins of the Commagene Kingdom at Mount Nemrut

Posted by Fredsvenn on October 21, 2013

Mount Nemrut also called Mount Nemrud is one of the most interesting tourist attractions of Turkey. At the summit of this approximately 2000 meter mountain lies the ruins of the ancient Commagene Kingdom which was at its height of power during the 1st century B.C. The mountain lies 40 km north of Kahta, near Adıyaman. Mount Nemrut is part of the Taurus mountain range, above the Firat (Euphrates)River valley and a grassy plateau, within the boundaries of Karadut village near Kahta.

This spectacular structure is made of large slabs of rock to form a pyramid-like configuration. The east and west terraces of this mound are open-air temples. On these terraces are immense statues of lions, eagles, five gigantic god statues, four male and one female, most of which are amazingly well preserved.

The Commagene, which means the “community of genes”, was founded as an independent kingdom by Mithridates Kallinikos I at the beginning of the 1st Century BC after a civil war which terminated the Seleucid line. The kingdom raised to prominence during the reign of Antiochus Epiphanes (62-32 BC), the son of Mithridates Kallinikos.

Ruins of the Commagene Kingdom at Mount Nemrut


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