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The Armenian Americans

Posted by Fredsvenn on July 15, 2011

The Armenian Americans captures the spirit of this amazing culture and its legacy of inspiration, achievement, perseverance, and survival. Personal recollections from three generations of proud Armenians – including tennis champion Andre Agassi, author Peter Balakian, actor Mike Connors, actor/writer Eric Bogosian, actress/writer Andrea Martin, NCAA basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian, historians, musicians, politicians, religious leaders, and corporate executives – pay warm tribute and celebrate why there has never been a better time to be an Armenian American.

The Armenian Americans hears voices from a generation invigorated by Armenia’s independent status speak with unprecedented candor about the 1915 Genocide that scattered survivors around the world and the ways in which Armenian American families have tethered this cultural identity for generations to come. The program illuminates a fascinating journey from the top of Mount Ararat to the top of America’s most successful industries in a very personal nostalgic family album.

Watch the full program:

The Armenian Americans

List of Armenian Americans – Wikipedia

Armenian-American Students & Activists United


The New York Festivals World Medal, 2000
International TV Programming

ArmeniaFest – Famous American Armenians

The NETA Award for Historical Documentary, 2000

1.000 Join “System of a Down” Rally Urging Turkey to End Armenian Genocide Denial

Armenian Americans call for justice:

Armenian Americans Call for Justice

Serj Tankian to join LA Armenians to protest against Obama

Leading Armenian Organizations Urge Sarkisian to Promote Genocide Recognition

The Armenian American Cultural Association, Inc. (AACA)

Armenian National Committee of America

Armenian American – Wikipedia

American-Armenians –

New ‘Armenian genocide’ bill looming in US Congress

New ‘Armenian genocide’ bill looming in US Congress

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